Taking the Exhibition & Conference Industry to The Next Generation

Advancing the Human Event Experience In the Digital World

Convert your 2, 3, 4-day event to a 365-day lead generation platform and online marketplace

Attract Exhibitors & Visitors

High-performance marketing initiatives strategically combined with O2OEvents' platform to attract global exhibitors and visitors

Pre-Show Engagement

Activate pre-event interactions, matchmaking app to make on-site connections, for visitor registration, badge printing solution, and more

During the Event

The O2OEvents platform generates leads, strengthens ongoing relationships with exhibitors, visitors, and organisers, providing new revenue channels with unlimited growth opportunities

Year-Long Lead Generation

Multiple ways to connect exhibitors and visitors before the expo, including set up meetings, generate leads, answer inquires, process RFQs, and more

Centralised database for effective & efficient marketing & communication

Event Marketing Cloud with All Marketing Tools

Event Email Marketing

The O2OEvents platform features email marketing designed to maximise your opportunities by allowing you to contact your clients in this channel and enabling ease of communication.

Engagement Marketing

Engage your visitors, exhibitors, and target audience with personalised and authentic communication tools
designed specificallyfor your event

Social Media Management

Publish posts, engage, and analyse your audience from all major social media sites in just one platform - this is all you need to run a successful social media campaign for your event!

Notifications App

Strengthen ongoing relationships with
your audience with fully-automated reminders and notifications sent via Email and SMS

Designed to Meet the Most Demanding User Requirements

Fully Supported With End-to-End Customer Support

Personal Sourcing Consultants

A dedicated team committed to providing professional events and hospitality assistance to both visitors & exhibitors

Multilingual Chat Support

24/7 chat support agents to
help users every step of the way

Business Matching Team

A team of experts analyses business requirements to match visitors with exhibitors

Dedicated Online Marketplace for your Event

Let your exhibitors reach a wider audience with a 365-day lead generation platform.

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